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Popularne angielskie phrasal verbs
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Stick out (of / from / through something) - wystawać, odstawać, sterczeć (to continue further than the end of a surface or the main part of an object).

Paul's ​ears ​stick out a little.
There was a ​handkerchief ​sticking out of his ​jacket ​pocket.
A magazine was sticking out of his coat pocket.
A pair of feet stuck out from under the blanket.
His bony elbows stuck out through holes in his jacket.
The photo showed Edward with very short hair and his ears sticking out.
The children were so thin their ribs stuck out.
Paul's legs were sticking out from under the car.
Her ​teeth ​stick out a ​bit.
I could ​see a ​foot ​sticking out from under the ​duvet.
His ​foot was ​sticking out and she ​tripped over it.
I don't like the way my ​bottom ​sticks out.
There was a ​packet of something ​sticking out of his ​pocket.
You can't lock your suitcase because there is a bit of cloth sticking out.
Some cloth stuck out of the top of the drawer.
His right arm, which was in a cast, stuck out from him like a crane.
The arrow stuck out of him, wobbling as he staggered.
A dollar bill stuck out of the book. What a strange bookmark.
The tag is sticking out of your shirt.
A flagpole stuck out from the front of the house.

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Stick something out (of / from something) - wysuwać (do przodu), pokazać (język), wypinać, wytykać, wyściubiać (to push or stretch something forwards or away from you, especially a part of your body).

He stuck his chest out proudly as he stepped onto the stage.
Ben stuck out his tongue at Pearson.
She stuck her tongue out at me.
Don't stick your arm out of the car window.
She stuck her arm out of the car window and waved.
Alice stuck her head out from under the duvet.
Mum, Lewis ​stuck out his ​tongue at me!
He ​stuck his ​arm out of the ​window and ​waved at us.
He ​stuck his ​leg out ​deliberately to ​trip her up.
She ​stuck her ​head out of the ​window and called to him.
Don't ​stick ​your ​tongue out at me, ​young ​lady!
He ​stuck his ​arm out of the ​window and ​waved at us.
She ​stuck her ​bottom out and gave it a ​wiggle.
The child stuck out her hand for candy.

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Cytowane z sebek czw 31 Mar 2016, 14:10

Stick out - rzucać się w oczy, wyróżniać się (to be easy to notice or remember because of being unusual or different).

With that dress you'll really stick out!
They wrote the notice in big red letters so that it would stick out.
One face in particular stuck out from the crowd.
She ​certainly ​sticks out in a ​crowd.
Dye your hair orange and you'll really stick out in a small town like this.
Dad's funny hat made him stick out in the crowd.
Do you think a pink suit will stick out too much?
This essay stuck out from the other submissions.

Idiom w tym znaczeniu z tym frazalem: stick out a mile - widać na kilometr, być widocznym na kilometr, rzucać się w oczy, kłuć w oczy (to be very obvious or noticeable).

It sticks out a mile that she’s in love with him.
It stuck out a mile that she was lying.
His lack of experience sticks out a mile.
My nose sticks out a mile! I hate it!
His stomach sticks out a mile. What do you suppose is in there?
She sticks out a mile with her red hair.

Zamiast stick out może być stand out:

Of course he's unhappy - it stands out a mile.

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